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Hyaluronic Acid(Hyalurnan/Hyaluronate) injection grade
HA filler,Dermal Filler,Wrinkle remover,anti-wrinkle injection,wrinkle filler
CAS No:9067-32-7

Notice: We can change the packing and needles/syringe without notice, it means maybe you received not exactly same as the picture.
Filler for face
Prefilled Syinge  with 27G needle 
200,000 particluars
1-2% cross linked
With less Swelling 
o animal ingredients;
Does not require skin testing;
Lomg Lasting;
Sterile gel 25mg/ml;
Room temperature.

Similar with Restylane&Green
Stabilized Cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel   , 12-18 months effect
Used in Plastic surgery operation 
Recommended for wrinkles correction and lips enhancement

Not suggest the customer who have no experience and doctor/nurse who have no experience inject HA do it.
be careful to inject lips. and  eye around


Please Control of injection volume, excessive injection may cause  swelling


Assembled syringe
1. remove the protective cap of needles,
2. attached the needle hub:clockwise, and check that the needle is firmly fixed
3. press syringe plunger soft and slowly until some gel out

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